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Thursday, April 23, 2015

ux: progress and regress

Myles and I killing it!
After the user test day, Myles and I realized we had to simplify our idea A LOT. The folding was too complicated and cumbersome, and we needed less flaps. So, we went back to the drawing board and experimented with different ways of folding again. We are still keeping to the story concept, however the story will mostly go into the "trading cards" that they're collecting at each sculpture.

Below is a compilation of the different folds we tried:

Our final two folding ideas:

fold 1
This way of folding simplified the process a lot, and focused on the function. Rather than highlighting the activity, we dedicated most of the space to the map and the symbols. 

fold 2
For this idea, we still kept to our original concept with the accordion fold, however made the die-cut simply a decorative element. Families said the map looked too abstract, so we decided to just have it as a representation. 

Pamphlet Redo in Progress

Map in progress

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