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Saturday, April 18, 2015

ux: user test day!

Though it was inconveniently rainy and cloudy at the user test day, observing the two families interact with the space with our pamphlet was helpful in showing what was successful and what needed some work. The rain added to the chaos and made families not want to interact with the space, so the experience was not exactly accurate, however the conditions emphasized the things that were frustrating.

The first family we tested our pamphlet on were led through the space more organically, in that we did not really facilitate their experience as much. This was mostly due to the fact that we were not sure how to present the information, but it worked in our favor because no one will be there monitoring their experience at The Big Picnic.

Even from opening the pamphlet, we could tell that the family thought it was too complicated and too linear. We had too many elements in the pamphlet, including the riddle book, the flap inside the pamphlet, and the pamphlet itself. The kids also did not seem as engaged, and impatiently ran around the space. Older kids seemed more intrigued by the riddles, and tried to figure them out. The things that did speak out to the families collectively were the riddles and the characters, Nelson and Atkins. 

After we got a feel for how to present the information, we explained our concept more for the second family. They were very thorough and went through the pamphlet with us, step by step. Though it was helpful in explaining each element, this worked against us because we had to explain how to use the pamphlet. Their general critique was to put the symbols on the same side as the map, and to simplify the riddle book somehow. 

In general, Myles and I need to simplify our idea, and create a more calm, pleasurable experience that's more leisurely and not as linear, for both parents and children.

-connect front and back (icon info about activities)
-maybe change map perspective? make less abstract
-show users where they are in the space
-show color map on both sides

riddle books
-connect the riddle book to the pamphlet better, imbed the riddles in the story
-simplify the form, if we keep the book format

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