Mary Lim

Friday, May 01, 2015

pp: moar progress

bus iness card
prototype 2
-used thinner paper, but it's still ripping on the edges
-my information is being cut in half - perhaps it should be on a different panel
-won't close shut all the way, and won't open up all the way, so should be more flexible

thank you card
-envelope still has to be designed
-bought a small hole-puncher to punch out the circles
-on the inside will be a close-up or a detailed shot of one of my portfolio works
-wanted all my collateral to be dimensional + flat

takeaway stuffs
-some dark chocolate almonds...
-is this too random?

-an array of stickers that can go on takeaway stuff and letters
-bought some sticker paper, but the printer won't print it exactly in line!

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