Mary Lim

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

pp: interview with Lance

After showing/explaining my portfolio, resume, and cover letter to Lance, he emphasized the importance of presentation and craft. He observed that most of my work was strong but that I should consider pulling out a couple of personal works that were not relatable to the company. One example was my Book of References. Though visually appealing, it did not speak to the agency's goals nor did it display any aptitude for conceptualizing. As Barkley is an advertising agency, some works have to be pulled out and added in according to the employer's needs. He also said how I articulated my work was solid, but that my quiet personality can make employers think that I am less capable. In order to stand out amongst my competition, I need to emphasize what makes me unique and show employers that even though I'm reserved, I know, "how to have fun." Overall, I need to improve on my craft, and fully understand my designs to better showcase what makes me, me.

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