Mary Lim

Friday, August 28, 2015

ds: inspiration & more research

Here are some interesting photos I found that encompass the 1850s:

Illustrations of the actual Steamboat Arabia

The advertisement for the same trip the steamboat sank

The Great Exhibition (1851) & the Victorian Era
The concept of art and industry can be seen here
The soft colors of these illustrations is something I want to use:

Can see the use of ornamentation and decoration in the Victorian Era
It was also a time of idealized beauty – with flowers, children, puppies, etc.


Woodtype Posters were also wisely used
Some examples of typography during that time

Chromolithography also set the tone of the 1850s

My main goal for this project is to create a fresh, new identity that depicts a slice of life in the 1850s and feels relevant.


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