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Sunday, August 30, 2015

ds: visiting steamboat arabia

Over the weekend, I visited the Steamboat Arabia Museum and took a tour. As the tour guide explained the history of the Arabia, I took pictures of typography on the walls and plaques. Continuing through the museum, it seemed like there was no consistency in typographic choices and in style. It did, however, create a path, from going down a ramp, into a wooden "shop" with the trade goods on display, moving into a space mimicking the inside of a steamboat, and then ending in a room made to feel like "outside." In actuality, it was pretty well organized and thought out. 

There is no clear museum logo; they oscillate between the one below and the one on their website. 

Large titles like these (below) served to highlight room themes

Pictures were hung on ornate, gold picture frames

After the tour, we were led into a room to watch a short film on the founders and how everything was excavated. We were then led out to the collection. The type below serves as a marker for the collection:

The collection was held in what looked like a small shop, with glass windows and things on display.

On the way out of the collection was this sign below:
The type was very different from the rest

This is the area in the museum where people are made to feel like they are "on the boat"
In the middle of the room was the "snag" or the tree stump which brought down the Arabia

The end of the exhibit was marked with a huge mill run by water to demonstrate how a steamboat works. This room was made to feel like "outside," with natural sunlight streaming through and a large mural of the landscape.

Another different type of signage not seen anywhere else at the museum:

The museum ended by going up some stairs and entering into the gift shop. 

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