Mary Lim

Monday, September 07, 2015

ds: backtracking

After getting some feedback from a couple of people, the logo needed some simplification. So I went back to my previous design and experimented without using figure-ground. 


  1. Nice studies. There's some clever stuff happening. Out of everything you've made, where are you leaning?

  2. I'd also encourage you to do a quick study. Challenge yourself to come up with an icon that doesn't rely on SBAM. I think you're digging into some great territory but I don't want you to limit yourself totally to the type. See if you can discover something that surprises you and pushes your concept further.

    1. Thanks Frank! That was really helpful
      I was actually leaning towards the second one because of its possibilities for motion, but I'm still open. I'm sketching a water wheel right now, and will see if it turns into something more interesting