Mary Lim

Friday, September 25, 2015

ds: logo exploration

For my package design, I wanted to incorporate texture into my brand - to enforce the aspect of skin and the surface. Overall, these sketches gear more towards a reductive and crude nature to convey the sense of rawness and essentials. 

Some more names I was thinking:
(I thought using palindromes would allude to the unisex brand)

Below are some concepts/ideas
Collecting a couple of textures:

Below: using the concept of overturning the expected, this evokes a sort of humor into the work. Having the letters backwards then forwards gives a sense of opposing motion, as well as the odd shapes that signify each product (lip balm, hand lotion, face sunscreen). 

Below: This sketch is the most reductive, using a personified version of greenGreer. With no facial characteristics, people can project their own thoughts/emotions on the side-view of a person

Below: This one is a bit more playful and hinges on language.

Some more logos:


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  2. Sorry for the delayed response! Here are some thoughts:

    “using the concept of overturning the expected” For this idea, I feel like it’s a little too far off. It’s cool that you’re experimenting and it’s good to push way out there in the beginning for this type of concept. But moving forward, I would pull away from pairing the oddly shaped bottles with the hard to read logo. The two ideas seem almost too opposing and do not really compliment each other. But the logo for Green could be a strong direction on it’s own. Also shaped bottles could work with this, but maybe not so random.

    “using a personified version of greenGreer” This concept seems to be the strongest conceptually, but the weakest aesthetically. Although, I totally understand that these were just rough sketches. So maybe if the face image became a bit more noticeable? I think it would come together once you started to create a pattern. I just know that I would not have understood what was going on had I not read the little description. But being pushed and refined further, this could be really successful.

    Playful: This one is really cute. I feel like you could have a lot of fun with it and maybe have a younger audience? I could see this being marketed for children. Which could be a really interesting approach to this project.

    Lastly, all of these logos at the bottom are great! I’m mostly drawn to the ones in the middle. But I also like the one E for the double E. It would just depend on which direction you choose to go in. I think these would work best with your 2nd concept. But the middle right logo (the connective lower case green one) this could definitely work for a young (child) audience.

    Anyways, hope this was helpful at all.