Mary Lim

Sunday, September 06, 2015

ds: more logo iterations

Here are some more logo iterations below.

The first one pushes towards the more modern/contemporary/trendy aspect of design that will speak to a younger audience. It's a little more playful, and references woodtype in the 1850s. As the Industrial Revolution brought upon a myriad of typefaces, making the letters three-dimensional was one of them. 
Brighter colors are used here, in combination with the typeface from the iteration above. The old, woodtype and the shapes created by the overlapping letterforms give the viewer an ambiguous sense of figure-ground.

Using the same concept from above, I tried to incorporate an index for a steamboat: a water mill.

A painting of what the steamboat allegedly looked like lies within the letterforms. Though subtle, there are moments of clarification in the 'M' with the two smoke stacks. This type set-up may be overdone, but it reinforces the idea of a museum.

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