Mary Lim

Sunday, September 27, 2015

ds: sommelier

som me lier
a wine steward.

In this two hour design slam, we were tasked with the challenge to create a logo for a unique profession. I picked sommelier, a wine specialist who serves wine and also aids the customer in food and wine combinations. Below are two logos I designed in this short period of time:

The first speaks to the body language of a sommelier. As I was researching about what sommeliers do, one thing that stood out to me was the concept of ritual. A sommelier must serve wine in a certain way, first removing the cork safely, pouring the wine, and then re-filling the glass periodically. Keeping that in mind, I used the two hands to signify this sort of body language enclosing the wine in the middle.

The second personifies a wine bottle, combining a head with wine. It speaks directly to what a sommelier does and what is mostly associated with the profession. 

After going through all the designs, I thought Martin Venezky's comment was very telling of process. We often revert to what we're most comfortable doing; the things that are most easiest and the most available in the forefront of our minds. It revealed what I fallback on, and some holes in the way I design. Using the wine bottle was an obvious direction to go with, and I did not take the risk of going the more abstract route. Some strengths of my logos were the clarity and the immediacy of the idea, but it does not add anything new to what people know of sommeliers.

Overall, it was a fun way to overcome time pressure and deal with imperfection.

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