Mary Lim

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

ds: working crit

"an extension of your skin"
"back to the elementary"
green: young, immature, raw, fresh
greer: unisex name (the name makes it identifiable, as opposed to just "green" by itself)

main concept
everyone needs to take care of their body - female and male, but certain products speak to one sex, mostly for marketing reasons. women and men will be more likely to buy gendered products because it presents an ideal for males and females. but what if we designed a product that both sexes would feel comfortable buying? my concept focuses on the organic, raw aspect of skincare. it takes on a more academic approach, representing the core values/aspects of what it means to be a human being. still, the design will have a twinge of humor through the unexpected.

key words
crude, elementary, delicate, unexpected, satirical

an androgynous packaging design system and product identity of a small line of toiletries that appeals to both genders

three chosen products
lip balm, hand lotion, face sunscreen

greengreer, higreen, gOp, teal, gray, helogreen, ana, peridot, praxis, pirro, atom, riley, green, baked

textural, academic, organic

simple not sterile, bold, 

optical, striking, childish

logo evolution

final logo (still working on it)
things to fix:
-I still want to include the illustrations from the first logo iteration (honing in on the concept of "back to the elementary"), and combine the two logos/concepts
-make more androgynous through adding more masculine elements
-finessing the three product elements
-possibilities for language (which expose/satirize how marketing products have loose associations that do not always make sense)
---Hand Lotion: "A is for apple, apple has five letters, your hand has five fingers, and you use hand lotion for your hands."
---Lip Balm: "B is for banana, bananas are yellow, so are chapped lips. Chapped lips need lip balm."
---Face Sunscreen: "C is for cat. Cats scratch your face, your scratched face needs sunscreen."


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