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Sunday, September 20, 2015

mx: refined concept

We got some good feedback the other day after presenting our idea, and have come up with some alternatives.

Here is a list of things that were problematic with our idea:

  • what the sound player would look like
    • possibly a blank screen, a screen saver, images
    • either if looking at the track itself (soundwaves)
  • possibility of a GPS location
  • length of the sound clips 
  • being able to tell if other people in the are are listening
    • and also their sounds
  • issue of privacy
  • a filtering system for sounds
    • are they going to be sorted by location/duration/mood
  • make the sound listening in real-time more intimate
  • possibilities for third platform
    • possibly having it in a movie theater - just sound
    • having a dark room, being able to control the sound with an app
    • using beacons - being able to control the sound in certain areas (that are closest to the beacon) --> will have multiple sounds playing in one area
  • differentiating the platform with existing social media
    • making it truly a different form of experience/communication

Main Objective: 
How can we create a platform where people can share experiences and connect with people in a more intimate way, while also providing therapeutic effects, which social media now cannot satisfy?

18-40 year old women
Young people and Gen-Xers

We are creating a platform similar to a radio station where one can tune-in with a bluetooth device. The device can simultaneously record sounds and also broadcast sounds in real-time, letting the user listen in on other people's surroundings as well as record where they are at. Some filtering options we will provide are:

Location (Country, City)
Terrain (Ex. Beach, forest)
Weather (Rainy, sunny, snow)
Mood (from white noise to a bustling city)

The focus in this project is sound, not visuals. The player will be blank, letting the user fully immerse themselves into the sound. Users will also be able to see/share sounds with close friends and family. The third platform will be a monthly event where users will meet up at specified locations to listen to sounds together, in real-time. One example would be in a movie theater, where we would rent out a room, not to watch a movie, but to listen to, say, a beach in California.

1st Platform - Mobile (main focus - more active participation of the user, multi-tasking on the go)
2nd Platform - Desktop (more of a way to unwind - able to explore more, play, things that require more time)
3rd Platform - Spatial Experience (more of a community effort - goes back to listening/experiencing things with other people, sharing an experience)

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