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Thursday, September 24, 2015

va: big picture possibilities

Final problem statement:
How can we promote the integration of Kansas City through raising awareness and improving the perception of Academie Lafayette? 

-improving the perception of AL
-raising awareness of AL
-perhaps through Academie Lafayette Expansion organization

Some ideas:
  • Infographs/posters posted in businesses along Troost
    • Desired Outcome: for people along the east side of Troost to be aware of AL
    • Systematic Approach: through gathering impactful information and turning them into understandable infographs, and also find key gathering locations
    • Basic Components:
      • collaboration with the businesses (possible cross-over with Lauren, Elissa, and Amber's group)
      • resources to print these flyers, posters
      • permission to post them
    • Approaches for Research, Audience Feedback:
      • meet professionals (possibly some teachers) working with AL
      • surveying some business owners
      • surveying parents
      • surveying random people in KC to get statistics on what people already know
  • Branding for the Expansion Committee 
    • Desired Outcome: to create a new image for AL as all-inclusive
    • Systematic Approach: attend as many committee meetings as possible and fully grasping their goals and what they want to achieve
    • Basic Components: 
      • Academie Lafayette logo and brand guide
      • permission to advertise in businesses
      • resources for posters, flyers, etc.
    • Approaches for Research, Audience Feedback:
      • meeting with the committee and getting feedback
      • surveying some students at AL
  • Spatial PSA about the benefits of integration 
    • Desired Outcome: for people to feel a sense of urgency about the need for diversity in KC, especially the east side of Troost
    • Systematic Approach: By gathering more in-depth information, then choosing a desired location/time that would most strategic, and then setting up the PSA will determine its success
    • Basic Components: 
      • legal issues with setting up a spatial PSA in the public realm
      • resources (money for materials)
      • possibly equipment (stereos, mic, screen, projector)
    • Approaches for Research, Audience Feedback: 
      • live reactions from the audience after the PSA
      • interviews of users
      • talking to community leaders about prime gathering locations
  • Create a commercial for AL emphasizing diversity
    • Desired Outcome: to expose the lack of knowledge and sense of urgency about integration in KC (and to just gather what people in KC really think about education)
    • Systematic Approach: 
      • come up with a set of provoking questions
      • come up with a method to get people talking/feel comfortable
      • getting the right equipment
      • interviewing people at AL
    • Basic Components:
      • gathering locations
      • relies on people's comfort level and desire to interact
      • equipment
      • legal issues
    • Approaches for Research:
      • look up existing videos/films of this sort
      • ways how to make people feel comfortable
  • Humans of KC - based on Humans of NYC
    • Desired Outcome: Reveal the diversity in KC
    • Systematic Approach:
      • figure out a way to get people to feel comfortable
      • accurate representation of the demographic
      • take pictures contrasting the conditions of west of Troost and east of Troost
    • Basic Components:
      • having to be out almost constantly, taking pictures and interviewing people
      • a photographer or someone we can work with
      • basic interview questions to ask as a guideline
      • equipment, camera
    • Approaches for Research:
      • targeting strategic ways on how to approach people
      • interviewing 

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