Mary Lim

Saturday, October 10, 2015

ds: final packaging design

BOY challenges convention and directly confronts what is thought to be feminine and masculine. Without taking a neutral stance on androgyny, BOY takes what already is feminized (cosmetics) and turns it into an unexpected rendering of what's usually associated with the word 'boy;' The text relays the product's used imagery. I was inspired by psychedelic art, using its visual qualities to hint at absurdity and insanity. The repeated shapes also create the illusion of layering and speaks to getting to the core of something. 

key words: crude, modern, absurd

Notes from critique:
-The concept of absurdity is interesting/fresh/new and the design looks very playful
-The design does not feel androgynous, and leans toward the masculine side
-BOY is relatable to the project objective, but consider other possibilities for the name
-The emphasis on the 'O' in BOY looks like its saying "O Boy!" which is something you could use
-Incorporate more of the body copy into the brand. The body copy is what makes it interesting.
-Consider using the pattern (on the cover sheet) over the products instead of one repetition of a shape

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