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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

mx: refining the scenario

Garrett's feedback was really helpful, and made us excited about our idea again. We were getting a tired of the project, so adding the spatial element added a fresh perspective. Here are some things Garrett said during our google hangout-crit:

-Make the app more immersive between the experience and the app visual
-Think about how to bring people into the experience
-Match the tone and attitude of your idea with the app
-Emphasize how someone discovers the app
-The list navigation seems boring and not in-line with the idea - think of a new way to navigate
-Think about the spatial elements in relation to the experience (how movement can effect the sound)
-Think about the 2 Modes of Listening: offsite and onsite and how they're different
-Emphasize the sharing experience
---levels of incentive:
---status: ex. having your name on the side of a plane
---access: accessibility, ex. unlocking parts by where you are
---power: increases your ability
---stuff: lowest level of incentive, giving people objects

Below is our response to Garrett's feedback:

Detail screens:

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