Mary Lim

Monday, October 26, 2015

mx: script

Ashton and I were thinking about what the story would be for our final product, and we came up with the script below. We originally thought it would be an "advertisement" sort of video, so we had to realign our design to creating a story. We had some trouble in the beginning and the scenes are a bit choppy, but it is still just a first draft:

-browse, the network, profile, play button (3 functions)
Listening to the user’s internal thought world

Woman: Sigh Finally some time to think
Opens ING app on phone, tunes-in on a sound
Woman: I just need to relax
Changes Mood to relax
Woman: I wonder what Tokyo sounds like right now...
Changing Location in Browse Page
Woman: Maybe somewhere in Tokyo where it’s quiet…
Refines location
Woman: Where it’s raining
Refines weather
Woman: I should share this with _____.
Sends sound to friend
Friend sends a sound back
Woman: Cool! I’ll listen to that in a bit
Woman adds sound to her queue
Woman checks calendar on mobile and sees that there’s an ING event coming up
She remembers that there’s an event coming up soon, goes to desktop to check when it is, checks calendar on mobile to see if she’s available
Woman: Sweet, it’s today
Sees that it’s tonight and RSVPs to event.
Woman: Well I’m busy until 5, so let’s do after that…
Clicks on RSVP time
Woman walks to event and is waiting for the subway, hears a musician
Starts recording
Woman: This makes me think about my trip with ____ to Italy! I’ll send it to her!
Sends recording
Woman: I wonder what the turnout will be
Goes to Connect Page and sees others in her area that are online
Woman: More people showed up than I thought!
Woman arrives at event
She’s listening to the sounds other people are listening to close by (uncontrolled site / sidewalk)
Approaches beacon
Woman: Looks like three other people already chose the categories.
Woman: Let’s see what it’ll sound like if I chose Amsterdam
Woman gets home, changes to sleepy mode
Woman: What a long day...


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