Mary Lim

Monday, October 19, 2015

va: ambassador dinner (last week)

After putting together our prototype presentation, we attended the Academie Lafayette Parents' Ambassador Dinner coordinated by Leslie Kohlmeyer. The purpose of the dinner was to kickstart the Ambassador program, gathering parents who seemed to be involved in the school. It was great for us because we had a chance to introduce ourselves so that the AL community could get familiar with us. We also were able to pass out information with the cards shown above about Kids for Diversity, including our contact info. Having these cards gave us an excuse to have one-on-one conversations with parents, teachers, and faculty who attended. We realized that our initiative was very closely aligned with Leslie's and decided to collaborate with her for the final product of this class. At the beginning of the dinner, we went around and shared how each parent got to know about the school. We learned that almost all learned through word-of-mouth. 

Leslie then went through her goals for the Ambassador Program involving outreach:
-to build more of a sense of community within our own school
-improve image of AL
-draw applicants from all walks of life
-show the rest of the city what AL is all about
-there is no representative of our community than our children
-AL needs to represent the city's demographic

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