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Friday, October 23, 2015

va: david darmitzel feedback

During class, we met with David Darmitzel who is a board member of Friends Of Hale Cook and also husband of Sarah Darmitzel, chair of Friends of Hale Cook. We wanted to be diverse in our pool of kids, so we reached out to someone at Hale Cook to get a new perspective on our project. After pitching our prototypes to him, we received some feedback about our problem statement, goals, and the overall practicality of it. He was a really useful person to talk to because he helped us see our project actually functioning in the real-world and the issues hindering our project at the time. Overall, he provided us with some great constructive criticism on our goals, and helped us understand how to present/pitch an idea in a more effective way.

Things David brought up during the interview:

  • Possible challenges to confront:
    • access to the kids
      • could possibly use LINC
    • goals need to be reworked in terms of practicality
      • friendship between AL and Halecook seems ambitious and not feasible within a semester
    • Friends Of Hale Cook is more interested in linking with KCPS rather than AL
  • Possible ways to bring kids together from different schools
    • having the students share a common goal
      • ex. a sports team
  • Consider the logistics of getting other schools to meet
  • Think about how to promote diversity through teaching/creating art 
  • Consider going to the high school level to offer more varied responses
  • In order for this to be successful, the video could be more of an example of what diversity could look like, rather than physically getting kids together
    • it's about piecing together the artwork well
  • Another issue: getting the video out there (school social media sites do not get much traffic)
  • Define what you mean by diversity

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