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Friday, October 30, 2015

va: pitch presentation to Leslie

Today we met with Leslie and Heather to pitch our idea. We were pretty much on the same page the whole time and our feedback mostly involved how to execute the details and next steps. Leslie talked about how parents who express worries about French-immersion were reassured after speaking to recent alumni and students (ex. a parent not being able to help their kids with homework in French). One of the things we asked was how we could share the video, and they acted like it would not be a problem at all. Leslie noted she would be able to share it on social media sites. Another thing they mentioned was to rethink our audience because they have parents with very young children (ranging from unborn children to younger than a year).

Key points:
-Application period for AL (Jan 11 - Mar 3) to be included in video
-Open house is Nov. 17th and Jan. 23 (potential dates to show the video)
-Possible tagline: "We're a good school, but we want to get to great"
-Consider using a frog in the imagery to represent France
-Hit on how it is a French-speaking school, not a French school
-Privacy issues: create a draft for a release form
-Possible times to interview children: recess, 5-10 minutes out of class, weekends
-Dates to avoid interviewing: Nov 10, 12, 13, 24
-Importance of having a balance in the video about speaking in French, but not appearing elitist
-List of things that the school has to offer:
--door to door busing
--free uniform closet
--6 wk summer program (sort of like child care during the summer)
--can drop off students at 7:30am before school starts
--after school tutoring
--before and after school care
--the French-immersion aspect
--overall programs available

Next Steps...
We are going to design the email pdf that will go to the parents to tell them about this project. We also have to write up a draft for the release form for Leslie and Heather to use, as well as set up shooting dates to record.

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