Mary Lim

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

mx: all screens

After talking with Ian, he gave us some valuable feedback. Generally, he said to keep consistent with our brand (in terms of when we use Futura Bold and Stempel Garamond) and planning out how it will look like in motion.

Some other things he mentioned:

  • desktop, profile: fix how the lines are connecting to the tick mark (looks awkward)
  • desktop, profile: consider taking out the friends option
  • desktop, browse: make a more exaggerated radiating circle
  • desktop, browse: show show complicated sounds can be resized (show in animation)
  • mobile, browse: fix the layout of how users receive notifications
  • mobile, record: figure our how you label/tag recordings & the play button on the bottom seems static
  • desktop, sound capsule: design out screens when you find a capsule

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