Mary Lim

Monday, November 09, 2015

va: paradoxes


the idea
Visualizing, defining paradox in design and creating new words which pinpoint these tensions. The end product will be a compilation of them together in either a spatial experience (two-dimensional and three-dimensional), a motion piece (paper and digital), or a book (sculptural and flat).


1. Research what exactly these paradoxes are in design (an example of this would be figure-ground).
2. Study how language is used in fine arts
3. Study linguistics/semiotics in how to form/visualize these new words that define these paradoxes
4. Compile the words/images together

what inspired this project

There is more truth in complexity and paradox than there is in simplicity and black and white statements. In my Contemporary Art class covering the 1960s, the articles we read analyzing the artwork of that time period consistently hinge on theses that try to shed light on, make sense of, and emphasize the paradox of the artist in relation to the materials they use, their beliefs, the artwork’s qualities, the trends of the time, and other elements. This mainly is due to the nature of art criticism and the simple fact that this tension of paradox makes for a more interesting discussion. As I am double-majoring in graphic design and art history, my degree project will increase the dynamic between the two.

past work which speaks to these paradoxes

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