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Friday, December 04, 2015

ds: beer final

So here's my beer packaging design...Not great, but it's something. I do stand behind my concept, though, of using onomatopoeias and visualizing their sounds/meanings with typography. It seems like I could not successfully showcase the history behind beer in a modern way, but that was my goal. After learning about the origin of beer (some say it is almost as old as bread, discovered around 10,000 BCE), I was so surprised to hear that this beverage has deeper roots in civilization; as beer developed, so did mankind. Current views on beer tend to weigh heavier on the negative side of the scale in terms of morals, symbolizing rebellion, night life, and everything bad A. But who would have thought that we were drinking the "water" of the Sumerians (back then people would drink beer with very low alcoholic content instead of water because they had not discovered how to filter it/clean it safe enough for drinking yet). Of course the beer we taste today from back then is very different, but the fundamental process of fermentation was the same. 

Anyhow, beer was an interesting topic to take on for me personally because I honestly do not know much about the culture around beer (the beer of today). I tasted my first beer when we went to Boulevard; I sort of live under a rock. 

Here's my statement:
BB'S Bread Baker's Brewery revives the ancient methods of producing beer. BB's Noise series features three different types of beers: Egyptian Ale, Sumerian Sour Ale, and the Celtic Pilsen. The very same ancient recipes from thousands of years ago are revived with a modern aesthetic and tang. So, you're really drinking a historical artifact. Old? It's ancient. 
Through this beer packaging design, I wanted to bring back the historical aspect of beer and make it relevant to today's culture of beer consumption. Using onomatopoeias, the sounds depict the response one would have after drinking each type: OOF! YOW! HUH.

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