Mary Lim

Monday, March 07, 2016

week 7: midterm presentation

MARCH 7–11

It's been a slow start, and I've only just begun to solidify my question. Though I value the process of narrowing down the idea, this issue of not being able to pinpoint what I want persists in my work. I blame it mostly on the immense pressure I feel when I think about my degree project, making me feel like every idea I have is inadequate. On a more positive note, I finally have something I'm excited about and can stay excited about for the whole semester. From meshing two-dimensional and three-dimensional, to children's books, to language and space, some elements from each step carried over. So it wasn't all a waste! Overall, what keeps me going is the anticipation of other people's projects. I'm excited to see what everyone will do. Some things I need to do onward is trying to make up for lost time. I am a bit behind, but with some perseverance I'll get back into place.
At this point, I've been prototyping and learning about new tools I could use for my degree project. Since I don't know much about gears and mechanisms, I'm trying to learn how to make the gears function and do what I want them to do. I also went to the Fab Lab with Haas, and we learned how to laser cut. 
I realized that there's an obvious but somewhat abstract relationship between time and space: its roundness. The world is round, therefore all space we inhabit is round. And, time is measured on a clock.
My question has been updated to:
"how can I translate letterforms into space and motion using interactive, moving mechanisms to demonstrate how language affects and forms the way we understand space?"

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