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Monday, February 22, 2016

week 5: gears and connectors


language & space
I heard a podcast more than a year ago about the impact of words on the way we think. This actually also involves different cultural differences due to language. But I want to focus on the English language and solely its formal components (as opposed to cultural). I contemplated whether or not I should explore the differences between Korean and English, but I decided against it as I'm not fluent in Korean.

Ever since I stumbled upon this image, I couldn't shake it off my mind.

There's something about gears and "perpetual" motion (there's actually no such thing as perpetual motion because energy is always lost because of the first or second law of thermodynamics) that I really love. I was especially inspired by something I learned in my Digital Fabrication class. Jo Kamm, the instructor, showed us, a website where people share the things they make. I was drawn to this project:

where students programmed a machine mostly made of cardboard to move chess pieces using magnets. I loved how they repurposed cardboard and utilized cheap materials. 

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