Mary Lim

Friday, April 01, 2016

week 10


Drafts for the machines are complete. See below images for each:

This is for the AT machine. It will be flexible two ways, where there will be two cranks. While the pen tool goes up and down to make scattered dotted lines, the drawing table will also turn.

This is for the ON machine. It's not as flushed out, but I have a general idea of what it will do. Since ON requires two surfaces, this machine will not be flat like the AT machine, but will have two planes. The drawing tool in the middle will be able to turn in two directions while the sheet of paper can also move and be pulled out.

Last but not least the IN machine. This one is a little more vague, however I think the three pens will go inside the cylindrical shape where it will draw inside the circle. 

I've also started to 3D print some parts, and have talked to Evin about the designs. He suggests that I use Inkscape for the gears and to look up some gear generators online.

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